About us

Rijlesboeken.nl is a traffic school where you can get your driver’s license very quickly.

With the help of our unique teaching method and patient, experienced instructors, you will be able to complete your driving training in no time.

Our instructors have a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG), which is very important to know who is teaching you as a student.

What can you expect from us?

What you can expect from us. A thorough driving training, good lesson quality, where you as a student are central.

With our experienced instructors, we are all ready as a team to guide you to become a successful driver without too much hassle. We have great service, high success rates, patient instructors and affordable driving lessons.

Why Rijlesboeken.nl

All benefits at a glance:

  • Super fast start
  • Plan your trial lesson directly online
  • Multiple driving lessons per week
  • Payment convenience
  • The best driving coaches
  • Unique teaching method
  • Plan lessons where & whenever you want
  • Emergency driving training
  • You will be picked up at home

The vision

Rijlesboeken.nl is a leading service provider that provides all driving training and associated needs and excels in quality, customer focus and innovation.

Traffic is becoming increasingly complex and busy. The behavior and mentality of the road users around us are changing at a rapid pace. The need for a driver’s license and good and affordable driving training in our increasingly complex society is increasing. At the same time, there is a great need for simplicity, transparency and personal attention. At Rijlesboeken.nl team we understand and embrace these developments. We translate them seamlessly into understandable, accessible and personal guidance in driver training.

In the current time, when almost anyone can give driving lessons or start a driving school, rijlesboeken.nl wants to support all instructors who seriously want to practice the profession. We would like to bring driving instructors together into a bona fide team, so that we sideline unreliable instructors.

Rijlesboeken.nl is always close to its customers and is a permanent and reliable point of contact. This forms the basis for our added value.