Get your scooter driver’s license now!

Get your scooter license now!
The exact number of lessons you need varies per person. You can assume approximately 4 lessons.

Pass your scooter theory and scooter driving test in 1 day
Want to get your scooter license in 1 day? This is possible at For only €249, you can take scooter driving lessons and take your exam in one day!

You can already pass your theory at the age of 15.5, so plan your theory quickly and take your driving test on your 16th birthday.

Already passed your theory? Then you can follow a scooter day training and do your practice in 1 day.

What the examiner pays attention to

  • Vehicle control (how do you control your scooter)
  • Safety
  • Space and distance from other vehicles
  • Social driving behavior
  • Knowledge of traffic rules and being able to apply them

Register immediately for a trial lesson, we will contact you which instructor is closest to you.