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Are you a driving instructor and would you like to join The automatic membership offers numerous benefits.
If you join Rijlesboeken, you will enjoy the following benefits:

We invest in the professionalization of your company and your people. This allows you to continue to develop and grow as an entrepreneur.

You always get insight into the current figures, market research and consumer needs.

You pay a fixed amount per week and receive a full agenda, a back office and solid customer management.

If desired, you will receive advice about your company and support from an experienced coach who can help you with tax issues.

You manage your working hours and holidays yourself. purchases all advertising, media and promotional campaigns jointly, so the marketing budget is always sufficient. has a joint accountant, which reduces your monthly costs due to the group benefits.

A joint and always accessible online agenda that is easy to manage.

We give all franchisees the opportunity for further training and to take courses.

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